Hello, my name is J.M. Sonnier

I am nearly thirty-five years old as of 3/24/20 (I will be 35 on the 31st) and I am currently celebrating my late mothers birthday. She died a year ago. Together, her and I worked on this book. ‘Building Neverland-Pan Rising.’ I have worked on this for over sixteen years. It is a seven part series and I’ll just say, in my re-imagining, Peter BECOMES Captain Hook. I hope you might take interest. I will be posting my publishing process, as well as my writing process as I work on the rest of the novels in the series.

Published by J.M. Sonnier

I am a published author in the marketing stage of the process. Building Neverland-Pan Rising by J.M. Sonnier. You can find my book at Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and Amazon all around the world. I hope if you read you will enjoy but either way I hope you'll leave an honest review for it.

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