As a writer I find music to be the most inspiring tool. Frequently, I’ll put on (via youtube) some Flogging Molly or the like to get into a specific mood and mindset so I can find myself capable of successfully writing a scene. Believe it or not, some songs I find most appropriate for certain scenarios may not (to the outside world) appear very fitting, lol. But whatever gets you in the proper mindset to get the writing done, utilize it. That is my advice to you for today.

Published by J.M. Sonnier

I am a published author in the marketing stage of the process. Building Neverland-Pan Rising by J.M. Sonnier. You can find my book at Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and Amazon all around the world. I hope if you read you will enjoy but either way I hope you'll leave an honest review for it.

One thought on “Inspiration!

  1. That’s some solid advice right there, though personally I would opt for total silence all the time. Failing that though—or when I need to drown out the distracting sounds—I tend to go for metal, as rap does distract me even more. Thanks for sharing!

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