The terrifying world of the book review bloggers

So I’m at that phase in my journey towards getting my book out there into the world and seen/read by as many as I can possibly reach. So far this venture of mine has me shaken. Having to wade through the many return e-mails telling me my book looks “great” but they are not interested in it and wish me the best of luck. Some even telling me how to google ‘free book reviews’ when that’s how I found them in the first place. No explanation given as to why there is no interest so my spirits are a bit low.
Reading these book review blogger pages is terrifying. The books they tend to give their highest scores and best reviews to are typically these really intimidating stories written by foreign authors or personal memoirs of a struggle I know nothing about. I feel like I’m wasting everybody’s time and maybe I should just bury this dream.
But…until I’ve done absolutely everything I possibly can to give it the only chance it seems to have, I keep going. It’s always risky when you put a piece of your soul into something and then show it to the world.
Hopes high, expectations…low. Onward to do this for another day. I hope tomorrow is kind to me.

Published by J.M. Sonnier

I am a published author in the marketing stage of the process. Building Neverland-Pan Rising by J.M. Sonnier. You can find my book at Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and Amazon all around the world. I hope if you read you will enjoy but either way I hope you'll leave an honest review for it.

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