Nightmare discovery!

So…I have been submitting the first 25-30 pages of my book to Literary Agents and book review bloggers for months now. I have been shot down every single time. Then a friend introduced me to the app Radish and informed me that if they approve of my writing, they will permit me to publish chapter by chapter my next book through them and they pay me for the submissions.

So…of course…I jump on the idea. Pull up my PDF of ‘Building Neverland-Pan Rising’ and get to work pulling out 30 or so pages to put into PDF format to submit to Radish as an example of my previous work. Then, to my increasing horror…I see it. Spelling errors…grammatical errors…in every paragraph…on every page…over and over and over again. The more I read the more mortified I became. Things didn’t make sense in places, much of my dialogue choices were…subpar so to speak, and there was even an unfortunate paragraph that simply repeated the same sentence over and over again.

So…another realization occurs to me in that moment, and I run to the box of books, my book, published and printed…the very same book that all of my family, friends and strangers have purchased and read…that I had been submitting to these agents and book review bloggers…that is not only in all of the major online stores but in almost every online store available around the world including a physical Barnes and Noble’s right down the road from me…was also not edited for these mistakes. I paid for editing but the thing was…when they showed me the results of their work, for some reason (perhaps too grief-stricken by the recent loss of my mother to use my brain) I did not double-check the work. So…they published it as is.

So…I have decided to do a full re-write and deep edit of the entire book and I am going to resubmit it to Amazon. I can’t do anything about the version the publishing company put out there now…I can’t even get my money back because in the end it really wasn’t their fault. I am going to start from the ground up on the book and try to do right by it. Which includes as drastic a lowering of the price as Amazon will permit me to do. I can’t even tell my friends and family about this. I’m very embarrassed and disappointed in myself. I don’t know how I let this happen. Now, all I can do is hope the deep re-write I did of the first 30 pages that were submitted to Radish will impress them just enough to give me the chance to try this again.

Wish me luck.

Published by J.M. Sonnier

I am a published author in the marketing stage of the process. Building Neverland-Pan Rising by J.M. Sonnier. You can find my book at Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and Amazon all around the world. I hope if you read you will enjoy but either way I hope you'll leave an honest review for it.

2 thoughts on “Nightmare discovery!

  1. *winces*

    The recent loss of your mother is an understandable reason for you not to have double-checked their work, and that decision, unfortunately, had a detrimental outcome for your book.

    I agree with your current plans to see where you can go from here and wish you all the best. I’m so sorry that you’ve had these experiences.


    1. Yeah, I’ll be sending you a free PDF of the re-write, your choice if you choose to re-read the story the way it was supposed to be written or not. But you and anyone else who has bought that book that I know of gets the free PDF as soon as it is finished.


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