Nightmare discovery!

So…I have been submitting the first 25-30 pages of my book to Literary Agents and book review bloggers for months now. I have been shot down every single time. Then a friend introduced me to the app Radish and informed me that if they approve of my writing, they will permit me to publish chapterContinue reading “Nightmare discovery!”

Googling my book

I wonder if it’s common for most newly published authors to consistently google their book over and over again in every possible variation and if they do, does it help or just stress you out more? I find it stresses me out but it’s very hard to stop myself from doing it. I almost alwaysContinue reading “Googling my book”

The terrifying world of the book review bloggers

So I’m at that phase in my journey towards getting my book out there into the world and seen/read by as many as I can possibly reach. So far this venture of mine has me shaken. Having to wade through the many return e-mails telling me my book looks “great” but they are not interestedContinue reading “The terrifying world of the book review bloggers”


As a writer I find music to be the most inspiring tool. Frequently, I’ll put on (via youtube) some Flogging Molly or the like to get into a specific mood and mindset so I can find myself capable of successfully writing a scene. Believe it or not, some songs I find most appropriate for certainContinue reading “Inspiration!”

Building Neverland

This is ‘Building Neverland-Pan Rising.’ In this classic tale, we will begin to discover the darker side to the Peter Pan story we all grew up knowing and loving. Within this re-imagining, Peter is thrust violently off of the island only to land himself in the company of pirates. We find his first Lost Boy’sContinue reading “Building Neverland”